GKI Vice Secretary Received Medical Equipment Aid From Pfalz Germany

Jayapura, 25/7 (MK) – Synod of GKI in Tanah Papua received medical equipment (Alkes) from the Evangelische Kirche der Pfalz Church of Germany intended for the GKI Talitakum Sorong Clinic and the GKI Bethlehem Wamena Clinic. In addition, some football supplies for Yapen Waropen Dioces was also received.

Based on detailed delivery cover letters, there are number of equipment, such as; hospital beds, type A and type B, operating lights, emergency equipment, X-Ray Viewer, Fetal Monitor and a number of other medical devices.

The medical equipment was handed over by the Customs and Excise Supervision and Service of the Customs Type C Jayapura which was received directly by the Vice Secretary of the GKI Synod in Tanah Papua, Rev. Syahur Abbas in Ruko Klasis Port Numbay, Jayapura City, Papua, Thursday (07/25/2019).

The reception was witnessed by GKI Board Member Region III, Rev. Maichel Kapisa, Secretary of the Department of Diakonia, Rev. Esron Abisay and Rev. Joyce da Costa, Head of the Ecumenical Division of the Synod Partnership Department and a number of staff.

Deputy Secretary of the GKI Synod in Tanah Papua, Rev. Syahnur Abbas after receiving the medical equipment expressed his gratitude to the Evangelische Kirche der Pfalz for helping GKI by sending medical equipment to be used in two of the GKI clinics.

Hoping that these tools can be used properly to serve the congregation and community members who need medical help.

“Thank you also to the Customs type C Jayapura for helping all this process,” said Rev.Abbas.

Just to note, the medical devices were temporarily stored in the Klasis Port Numbay warehouse for further distribution to the Talitakum Sorong Clinic and the Wamena Bethlehem Clinic. (ely)

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